Product Introductions

You have a product. We know the Canadian market and how to launch products successfully. By having Bescot Healthcare as your distribution partner, you have the ability to sell into the Canadian market without having to invest in a significant infrastructure.

We can help you understand the market, work with you on market research to derive a forecast to ensure entry is viable, and help you through the Health Canada process. When bringing the product to market, we work with you to ensure we exceed our shared expectations.

Consulting Service

Sometimes you have a product that may be better suited to a larger company than Bescot. We understand that, but without committing yourself too early to a larger company, you may still want to know:
  • What the potential is for my product?
  • Whatís the best way to approach a larger company?
  • How should I position my product in the market?
  • How can I commercialize my product?
  • How should I approach the regulatory bodies in order to bring my product quickly to market?
  • Who should we approach to find the best match for us?

Finding the right answer for you to these types of questions is where partnering with us can help you.

Check out Martinís and Alanís backgrounds -- whether it be a marketing, sales, regulatory or clinical project, our experience allows us to be your preferred consulting partner.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you find the right answers and exceed your goals!

Learn more about how we can help with the purchase and promotion of mature pharmaceutical products